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Kukësi, city of the Color Trail at the foot of the Mountain of Gjallica Located at the 2487 m (2487 m) mountain in northeastern Albania and on the shore of Fierza Lake, the city of Kukes is one of the newest

The province of fabulous beauty, among the most special in Europe, is located in the northeastern part of the Southern Mountain Province of Albania. The city of Skrapar has historically been inhabited since 600 BC, and this is evidenced by

Located in southwestern Albania, the city of Fier stands as a treasure of culture, history, and natural beauties. With a rich history dating back centuries, Fieri has become a vibrant and dynamic destination that displays the essence of Albania's cultural

Dibra, natural pearl on the Black Drin River The province of Dibra lies in northeastern Albania on the border with North Macedonia. Its capital is the city of Peshkopi, on the banks of the Black Drin River. Dibra is located on

Tropoja, the natural pearl of the North Tropoja remains the tourist treasure of the Albanian Alps along with the beauty of the Valley of Valbona. Tropoja is located in northeastern Albania and borders north with Montenegro, south by Hasi District, west with

Saranda is a coastal city located on the Ionian Sea in southeastern Albania. With a rich history and amazing landscapes, Saranda is a dream destination for those looking for a vacation full of life. With more than 2000 years of history,

The city of the Ali Pashe Tepelena and Vjosa – Queen of the rivers of Europe. Tepelena often referred to as the city of Ali Pasha Tepelena , is located in the province of Derven, in the south of Albania. This

The Mirror of an Ancient City with Rich History and Culture A city with a rich history and culture, located in the center of Albania, Elbasan is a place where ancient traditions merge with modern life. With a history dating back to

PORTS AND MARINAS  There are 4 main ports in Albania: Port of Durres, Port of Vlora, Port of Shëngjin, Port of Saranda: Arrival in the port of Saranda, Durres, Vlore, Shëngjin the following documents are required: Certificate of Registry List of passenger list/crew list Proof of

An unbroken coastline of 450 km (including lagoons) washes the western shores of Albania, extending along the Adriatic and Ionian Sea. It is easy to tell where the Adriatic ends and where the Ionian begins given the sandy shores and

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