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The North regions

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Corn is widely produced here and serves as the staple for many varieties of culinary delights. Due to the characteristic cold winters, meat is often dried from preservation. Vegetables are chosen for their heartiness, as well, with potatoes, onions, garlic, and cabbage being among the most popular. Traditional dishes include baked rice, risottos, fritters, casseroles, pies, and mashes. Fish, of both sea and fresh waters, are plentiful here, and also are an ingredient in many dishes. Some cities boast unique dishes and have woven them into local culture. Shkodra region, in particular, has several signature dishes, which are described here:
  1. Jahni Meat: beef or lamb is sautéed with onions, garlic, sauce and spices. Traditionally cooked over fire, the sauces are reduced, gradually tenderizing the meat.
  2. Baked Stuffed Eggplant: prepare several medium eggplants by removing stems, halving lengthwise, and briefly sautéing. In another pan, prepare the stuffing by combining crumbled cheese, parsley, flour, and egg. Bake the stuffed eggplants and serve with parsley and tomato.
In the Lezhë region there are many lagoons which provide a habitat for a variety of game species. Many restaurants and homes incorporate the ducks, geese, pheasants and hares found here into delicious dishes. These game meats are highly prized for their flavour and versatility. In the Dibra region, many fruits and nuts are cultivated and incorporated into the local cuisine. Most notable is the plum, which has been used in raki production for centuries. Also popular are cherries, walnuts, apples, and pomegranates. In Kukësi region is very famous the tradional dish called Fli also known as flija, is a dish in North Albanian cuisine. It consists of multiple crepe-like layers brushed with cream and served with sour cream. Among nonalcoholic beverages, boza (a corn based drink) is produced in the north of the country, especially in the province of Kukësi and its vicinities.  

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