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Internal Public Transport

What is eTransport!

The digital future in intercity road transport access is here! The eTransport platform starts a new era of digitization of Intercity Transport management and access to it. Built to computerize services for transport companies and citizens, this national online platform enables electronic ticketing and closing the fiscal cycle from any place and at any time. Thanks to the new vision for the reorganization of the intercity transport sector, the General Directorate of Road Transport Services – Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy in cooperation with the National Agency of the Information Society, have implemented for the first time the electronic platform    eTransport, as an interaction platform between the traveler, transport companies, transport agencies and Albanian national terminals and stations. Radical improvement of the experience of traveling in Albania, access and real-time information on lines, stations, terminals and timetables, in Albanian and English through just one search on your mobile phones! A success story in the era of online services, as well as a new communication bridge for travelers to their favorite destinations and the most beloved events of touristic Albania!



Albania’s road network, including main interurban roads, secondary interurban roads and urban ones, consists of about 18,600 km.
In Albania, in the last ten years, very important investments have been made in the road infrastructure for the construction of the main segments of the Albanian National Road Network.
The National Transport Plan envisages the completion of the construction of the national road network, including the strategic artery such as the North-South Highway.
To be informed about the different trips click on where you can search for the desired destination, select your trip, book your ticket for the selected trip and finally travel faster and safely to to your destination.
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Albanian air transport is focused on the only International Airport “Mother Teresa” located in Rinas, about 25 km North-West of Tirana. TIA (Tirana International Airport) is managed and operated by Private-Public Partnership. For daily information on flights from Tirana International Airport “Mother Teresa” you can click on the official website of TIA, in Albanian and English.  
The Kukës International Airport was also built on the territory of Albania, which is located 5 kilometers outside the northern city of Kukës. From the center of Kukës, head south on “Islam Spahiu” street. At “Sakata Cafe”, continue on SH31 road. The airport destination is on the right. Kukes Airport is the closest airport to one of the main cities of Kosovo, Prizren. Kukës airport is located 48 km from the city of Prizren.
For more information in Albanian and English on air travel from this airport, log on to the official website of Kukes International Airport through the link.  
One of the priorities of air transport is investment for domestic and tourist purposes. The construction of an Airport in the South of the country with the aim of developing domestic air transport as well as expanding international air transport services, is an objective that can lead to the creation of a competitive market with liberalized air services.


Albania, with about 440 km of coastline, has favorable natural conditions and real resources for the development of all activities, transport, tourism, fishing, with all the coastal countries of the Adriatic basin and beyond.
Maritime transport and ports are the main sectors not only of the development of the transport system, but also of the economic development of the country, and in particular of the tourism industry.
Maritime transport in Albania is carried out in the four main Albanian ports, Durrës Port Authority, Vlorë Sea Port, Shengjinit Sea Port, Sarandë Sea Port as well as Romano-Port fuel ports, Petrolifera Port.


The Albanian railway network has in use 416 km of single main railway line (with one track), in operation 343.35 km with a standard width of 1435 mm and about 92 km of secondary lines of stations and industrial branches. There are a total of 45 railway stations, in which the process of exchanging trains and processing them is carried out.
The railway line belongs to:
• plain area with leading slope up to 9 meters high for 1000 meters long,
• the hilly area with leading slopes up to 13 meters in height and 1000 meters in length
• mountain area with leading slopes up to 18 meters high and 1000 meters long.

One of the urgent problems that requires solutions in the field of transport is the determination of the national strategy and the modernization of the national railway network by increasing its quality, especially in terms of intermodality. For this, the study on the assessment of the entire Albanian railway network will have to be finalized first. The connection of this network with that of North Macedonia is included as a priority project in SEETO MAP 2015, aiming at integration with the European railway corridors.

Taxi Service

Taxis are readily available in most Albania cities, are recognizable by their yellow color, and most of them have a taxi meter. Fares are generally predetermined based on the distance traveled, but can sometimes be negotiated in advance. Taxis are plentiful in Tirana and can easily be hailed on the street or retained at one of many taxi stands throughout the city.

Interurban transport

Many buses are available for transport throughout the major cities of Albania. Travel by bus is economical and provides a unique view of the countryside. Buses travel almost exclusively during the day, but they do not always run according to regular schedules. The approximately fare costs are between 1000 and 1200 for long distances as Tirana-Saranda.

Many travelers looking for public transport prefer to use privately owned vans, which function as an alternate system of bus routes and operate almost entirely without schedules or set fares. However, you should consider the condition of the van before choose to travel in one, as many operate as informal businesses.


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