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Mrizi i Zanave

“Mrizi i Zanave” is a little paradise located in the village of Fishtë in Zadrima. There, you can find fresh air, lush nature, fairy-tale landscapes, and some of the best food you’ll ever taste.

The agrotourism venture “Mrizi i Zanave” opened its doors in February 2011, born from the passionate dream of the Prenga family to create an enterprise that would transcend the boundaries of self-profit in their native land.

Mrizi was among the first restaurants in Albania to fully promote and support its cuisine with local products from the area. Under the motto “local produce, global food,” it began its journey to become one of the most well-known restaurants in the Albanian regions. It started only as a restaurant and gradually expanded into other activities such as lodging, agricultural and livestock product manufacturing, a wine cellar, and a distillery.

Today, “Mrizi” collaborates with many local farming families and employs about 70 people.

It is this combination of tradition and modernity, attention to detail, and a unique experience that makes Mrizi i Zanave a welcoming place for anyone seeking a stunning location with flavorful food and quality service culture.

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UKA Farm,

Discover the charm of nature at UKA Farm, where the rhythm of rural life harmonizes with the beauty of the Albanian countryside. Nestled amidst hills and greenery, UKA Farm offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

UKA Farm is a poly-cultural agricultural farm with organic, pesticide-free products. It features a winery producing native Albanian wine from local grape cultivars, and a restaurant serving farm-to-table concept dishes with products from the farm.

UKA Farm has become an attraction in its own right, where the entire farm space offers natural beauty and vineyards, allowing visitors to enjoy nature and see the vineyards up close.

UKA Farm is not just a place; it’s an experience. Whether you’re strolling through orchards, tasting fresh farm produce, or simply relaxing in the tranquility found in every corner.

The farm’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and its dedication to preserving local traditions are reflected in every aspect. From their locally grown fruits and vegetables to their warm hospitality, UKA Farm offers a taste of authentic Albanian village life.

Embrace the beauty of nature, savor the flavors of tradition, and create lasting memories, only at UKA Farm.

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“Agroturizëm Gjepali” offers a magical experience in the tranquility of a picturesque village in the Shijak area. The location is not chosen by chance, as the place where the farm stands is also the origin of its founder, the well-known chef Fundim Gjepali.

At “Agroturizëm Gjepali,” you are greeted with dishes carefully crafted with traditional flavors, elegantly reinterpreted in a modern form. The traditional menu is based on the agricultural products of the area, tailored to the season during which you choose to visit the farm. This approach of close collaboration with local farmers ensures that everything offered on your plate has traveled less than 10 km.

The accommodation conditions closely match the standards of the Tuscany region, offering the perfect escape from urban life just a few kilometers away from the capital.

Since its accreditation in 2018 as an agrotourism venue, Agroturizëm Gjepali has quickly become a destination for rural tourism. Do not hesitate to experience nature combined with the impressive taste of Agro Gjepali.

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Enol Winery

Near Preza Castle, on one of the sunniest hills in the area, Enol Winery was born initially from a love for viticulture.

In 2007, after six years of fruitful cultivation near the same vineyard, Enol Winery was established. This place is known for its stunning sunsets, which are best enjoyed with carefully crafted wine and local organic foods. Enol Winery reflects a long tradition of service and care, serving on your table the sunshine of Preza poured into a glass of wine and combining all the flavors and products of the area into delicious dishes. The winery produces about 10,000 bottles a year, mainly blends of the house wine: Cabernet, Sangiovese, and Merlot, as well as Trebbiano.

To explore the surroundings on a short walk, visit the nearby reservoir. Moreover, if you visit in early September during the harvest, you can participate in the wine festival where visitors can pick grapes and crush them with their feet, in the traditional way.

Its modern structure, which recalls the long tradition of hospitality, offers comfortable accommodation in rooms and environments that will make you feel like you are in the dream vacation home.

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Agroturism Alpeta,

Discover Agroturism Alpeta, a true gem located under the majestic Tomorr Mountain in the heart of the village of Roshnik. Owned by a family, Alpeta includes a family winery, a comfortable farmhouse, and a recently added restaurant. The journey began as a small venture by a family member, an agronomist. Relying on his expertise, he planted the first vineyard in 1992, producing the inaugural harvest in 1994. Alpeta Winery has come a long way, processing about 50,000 bottles of wine in 2018, gaining a strong reputation and supplying its products to numerous restaurants in Tirana and the southern regions.

Alpeta’s extensive 5.5-hectare vineyard contains various grape varieties, including the Albanian native Shesh i Zi, internationally renowned Cabernet, Merlot, and Muscat.

The transition from a simple winery to an agrotourism destination occurred naturally as tourists who enjoyed their wines in Berat wanted to explore the winery. Demand grew quickly, and the family transformed their home into guest rooms for visitors.

Staying in the family farmhouse today offers the full experience of a rural retreat. The garden invites visitors to relax under a giant walnut tree, surrounded by green hills.

The surrounding areas offer opportunities for walking in Lepija Forest, exploring Duka Canyon, visiting Sotira Waterfall, or for experienced climbers, conquering the Partizani peak of Mount Tomorr.

Even without additional activities, simply enjoying the beauty of the farmhouse and strolling through the family’s garden makes you feel like you’re in a peaceful paradise, detached from the rest of the world. Watching the sunset over the village and the red hues on Mount Tomorr creates a truly magical atmosphere, making you want to return again and again.



Nestled beside a lake and surrounded by the fertile hills of Radë village, Agroturism Huqi, established in 2007, has transformed the surrounding landscape by planting all types of fruit trees cultivated in Albania, revitalizing an entire lake, and offering nature enthusiasts a wholly unique oasis of relaxation.

Over 80% of the products offered are organic, harvested and cultivated on the surrounding lands, and served in dishes cooked according to traditional tastes.

Agroturism Huqi is the perfect place for relaxation by the lake and in comfortable rooms, but it’s also where you can fish, take boat rides, play in nature with your children, or enjoy a picnic with friends who love the outdoors.

Visitors traveling with camping vans or on a budget can use the campsite and car park, equipped with electrical outlets for convenience.

If you’ve dreamed of spending a peaceful night away from the noise and monotony of everyday life, then you are in the right place.

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Kol Marku’s “Bujtina Dini” and his family’s guesthouse is located about 5 kilometers away from Rubik, in the district of Mirdita, positioned in a small valley characterized by lush greenery and tranquility.

Bujtina Dini reflects the long tradition of hospitality in the Rubik area. Set in the picturesque village of Katundi i Vjetër, Bujtina Dini serves delicious traditional dishes based on the village’s own products, carefully prepared.

The clean air of the nearby forest, the aromas of warm food, and dedicated service create a relaxing atmosphere at Bujtina Dini, something we all need after a long week.

The manager of this inspiring place believes that “we cannot move forward without knowing our roots.” When you visit this guesthouse, you’ll understand that he is right.

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Just 40 kilometers east of Tirana, there is a mesmerizing destination that is definitely worth visiting and enjoying not only by those living in the capital but by everyone. Beyond Mount Dajti, in the village of Shëngjergj, lies Bujtina Tomadhe, a villa with a blend of classic and modern architecture and simply stunning views. The total area of the villa is 600 m2, which includes a swimming pool, a playground for children, a barbecue area, and an outdoor fireplace.

The cozy interior features a warm living room with a modern fireplace at its center, 7 bedrooms that can comfortably accommodate over 14 people, 4 bathrooms, and a service kitchen located in the basement of the building. The area is not only rich in fresh food but also in clean air and numerous water sources including waterfalls and lakes.

Bujtina also has two mountain bikes, which can be rented for a recommended trip towards the spectacular views of the Shëngjergj waterfall.

Bujtina Tomadhe is undoubtedly a magnificent place, set in a very picturesque and rural environment, managed by careful, friendly, and very hospitable managers.

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After passing through Tepelena, in the village of Rexhin near Mount Kendrevica, somewhere on the edges of randomness, there lies a blessed piece of land. The road to the guesthouse traverses one of the most spectacular landscapes of Southern Albania, characterized by a series of deep, dramatic canyons and steep cliffs.

We find ourselves at “Hader Xhebro” Guesthouse, a dreamlike location surrounded by untouched forest nature where agrotourism presents one of its best versions. The guesthouse offers comfortable and warm accommodation in the fresh air of the mountain at 2122 meters above sea level. During winter, you can ski. In other seasons, you can picnic in the Nivica reserve, walk through the impressive canyon views, or stroll in the Llufa fir forest.

The picturesque views and the cozy atmosphere provide extraordinary comfort for wonderful days and nights. The food is excellent. Most of the products are produced on the farm, and the dishes are cooked in the traditional style of baking in a saç. Outdoor dining is possible, and the environment in general is also suitable for children. “Xhebro” Guesthouse offers an experience to be lived and enjoyed!

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“Kodra e Kuajve” is a unique complex situated on the stunning hill of Shkallnur in Durrës. Beyond quality accommodation and delicious food, the complex offers relaxation by the pool and various treatments in the SPA.

But that’s not all, as “Kodra e Kuajve” also provides an unforgettable horseback riding experience on the complex’s track, which boasts 15 horses, including a pony for young riders who are accompanied throughout the ride by expert instructors in equestrianism.

The restaurant, located on the first floor, serves the finest dishes of Albanian tradition, produced from farms located near the complex, best enjoyed with the panoramic view, alongside the presence of natural greenery and the elegance of horseback riding.

As such, Kodra e Kuajve is destined to continue being a favored destination for visitors of all ages and interests.

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“Kantina Nurellari,” established in 1995 by the Nurellari family, is situated 10 km from Berat, in the enchanting landscape of Peshtan village. The winery offers a range of attractions including house-produced wines, deliciously prepared and attentively served meals, guided tours through the vineyards, as well as luxurious and comfortable accommodation.

The winery and its hospitality facilities are a blend of classic style and the art of winemaking. To be part of the winemaking process as it happens, visit Kantina Nurellari in mid-August or early September, during the grape harvest.

Kantina Nurellari produces approximately 30,000 bottles of wine annually, using internationally known grape varieties such as Montepulciano, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon, along with four local grape types.

Offering a unique experience in a warm and welcoming environment, visitors are guaranteed to be impressed by the attention to detail throughout their stay.

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Shkreli Resort

Located in the Qafshtama National Park, just 50 km from Tirana, is a 2-hectare area at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. Shkreli Resort Qafshtama is characterized by its clean air, designated with 98% oxygen, and a water source rich in nutritional values.

On the other hand, as a complex, ‘Shkreli Resort’ has improved and developed its services, becoming one of the ideal places for tranquility and mountain tourism near Tirana. The area is perfect for nature enthusiasts interested in local fauna, who will be amazed to learn that the national park’s forests provide habitats for brown bears, foxes, wolves, and various bird species. The resort staff can organize mountain bike and off-road tours, while in winter, visitors can play with real snowballs amidst winter’s whiteness. Volleyball and football fields and nets are available for groups seeking such activities.

The accommodation level stimulates a very comfortable stay, and the food is delicious. ‘Shkreli Resort’ is a place where marvelous nature intertwines with quality accommodation and service. The perfect getaway for a magical weekend just a few kilometers from the capital is an incomparable, blessed location, offering visitors a mountain oasis surrounded by greenery and full of life.

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Sotira Farm

Located 15 kilometers from the town of Leskovik, “Sotira Farm” is a stunning location amidst mountains, forests, and streams between Leskovik and Erseka.

The farm is entirely enveloped by pristine nature and greenery. Imagine a place with a beautiful grove surrounded by mountains inhabited by a variety of animals, where a stream flows through rocks, and you will realize you are at Sotira Farm.

Walking through the forest paths, you see the sun rays appearing like magical curtains while in the crystal-clear water, you can see fish swimming undisturbed in the stream. Also, on the property, you see animals roaming freely, delighting young visitors who are excited to feed them.

The surrounding mountains are wonderful to explore on foot, mountain bike, or horseback. The farm’s horses can be used for horseback riding, where the relatively small breed is ideal for the mountainous terrain, including streams, narrow forest trails, and grassy slopes.

At “Sotira Farm,” you can enjoy bio-natural foods cooked traditionally, such as saç, grilled over charcoal, which can be accompanied by homemade wine or a good glass of raki. Amateur curious chefs are invited to participate in a cooking hour and prepare their food using the brick oven and grill in nature.

For a good night’s rest, there are various accommodation options, with different prices and levels of comfort to suit your needs. There is a large camping site for up to 30 camper vans, popular among foreign tourists traveling in their vehicles. All rooms offer warm and comfortable accommodation amidst lush gardens and the sounds of nature.

“Sotira Farm” is where you will find your inner peace in the heart of nature and away from the stress of urban life.

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Nari Lundra

Nari Lundra Restaurant, owned by Mr. Ardian Tufa, also known as Nari by his friends and clients, is a special spot just a 20-minute drive from Tirana. Located behind the TEG shopping center and a row of villas, it offers an immediate shift from the urban environment to a serene rural area. An iconic small castle at the top of a large 4-story building will introduce you to Nari Lundra.

With a rich history of over 25 years, Nari Lundra is a restaurant known for its family-friendly atmosphere. Regular customers, who have grown up spending weekends here, return often, frequently with their children. The restaurant offers a lively and bright space with 130 tables, along with a beautiful courtyard.

The menu features a wide range of traditional and international dishes. The food served is fresh and produced on their farm, including olive oil, dairy products, meat, and vegetables.

Near the farm, the Tufa family vineyards produce most of the grapes used by their winery. Their extensive olive groves produce olive oil used in cooking. Nearby, an unexpected farm not visible to restaurant guests has dozens of furnished rooms overlooking the village hills, ready to welcome guests.

Nari Lundra offers not just a rich culinary experience but also a unique and tranquil environment to enjoy a wonderful dinner.

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Nëna Dashuri

Agrotourism Nëna Dashuri, a hidden gem in the heart of Peshkopia, is a welcoming retreat less than 10 minutes by car from the center of Peshkopia.

Located outside the city of Peshkopia, Agrotourism Nëna Dashuri is a paradise for authentic rural traditions. It prides itself on a whitewashed facade with wooden balconies and a stone structure on the ground floor, where the family business began.

Inside the comfortable space of the restaurant, decorated with various ethnographic items, you will find a traditional low Ottoman-style table near the fireplace, where every meal leaves a special impression.

Highlighting the importance of Jufka (traditional pasta) production and the sweet aroma of freshly baked bread from the ground-floor kitchen, a wooden sign above the building’s entrance reads “Bujtina e Jufkave” (Jufka Farmhouse). Around the farm, there is much to explore. Interested visitors are welcome to see the processing facilities, where the family produces about 200 kilograms of jufka per day.

The area has many suitable trails, which are within a short distance of the hotel, including short walks to the cave and waterfall of Sopanikë. For more experienced mountaineers, Peshkopia is an excellent entry point for hiking the high mountain trails or for a three-day trip to the peak of Mount Korab, Albania’s highest mountain.

When passing through Peshkopia, don’t hesitate to discover the culinary delights at Agrotourism Nëna Dashuri.

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Discover the remarkable story of  Kantina Arbëri, where wine production is an art deeply rooted in tradition. Established in 2003, this winery is renowned for cultivating the Albanian indigenous grape variety Kallmet in the vineyards of Bukmirë, which offers a bouquet of pleasant and sweet aromas, embodying the essence of Albanian wine.

Kantina Arbëri is a testament to the value of tradition. What started as a modest family effort to produce a small quantity of wine for local use has transformed into one of Albania’s most famous wineries. Today, their wine is adorned with numerous international accolades. Gaining international recognition, Kantina Arbëri currently produces 120,000 bottles of wine per year, with approximately 15% of their wine exported to Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, the USA, Hong Kong, and Macau.

The expansion of the winery includes the construction of a new building for the fermentation process, a restaurant, and a guesthouse. Drawing architectural inspiration from traditional fortified towers with thick stone walls that once provided security and protection for residents of northern Albania, the new guesthouse reflects a touch of modern elements where technology is integrated into the design.

To learn more about the production process, visitors can participate in a wine tasting experience in the arched cellars.

Enjoying Arbëri’s wines means following in the footsteps of numerous distinguished figures, including politicians, diplomats, and even Pope Francis, who made a visit to Albania in 2014 and received a bottle of Kantina Arbëri ‘s wine as a gift.

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Taverna Xhufka

Discover the idyllic village in the Korçë district with a visit to Taverna Xhufka, where you can immerse yourself in the fresh air at the foothills of the Morava Mountains, located within the Drenova National Park. This tranquil haven is a well-kept secret, especially during the sweltering summer months. Situated at an altitude of over 1000 meters, Taverna Xhufka offers a cool climate, providing the perfect backdrop to enjoy a delightful meal under the shade of a tree with your loved ones.

Upon reaching the end of the stone-paved road, you’ll notice the absence of large entrance gates or imposing signs marking property boundaries. As you exit your vehicle in the parking area, you’ll follow the stone path, leading you through a meadow to one of the wooden tables.

While you’ll feel like you’re on a picnic in nature, instead of bringing your own food, the restaurant at Taverna Xhufka beckons with an array of traditional dishes, celebrating the culinary heritage of the region.

In addition to the traditional flavors of the area, the family produces its own preserves and honey, cultivated from discreetly placed beehives near their residence.

In this enchanting corner of the Korçë district, Taverna Xhufka offers an unforgettable experience where nature, tradition, and cuisine blend harmoniously, making every visit a memorable journey.


In the village of Poshnjë, near Berat, an agricultural farm began its journey 25 years ago with the goal of eventually offering its products directly from farm to table. Shortly after, the opening of a restaurant and hotel marked the establishment of the “Gramozi” agrotourism complex.

Today, the “Gramozi” complex offers a carefully curated range of activities, starting from dining and accommodation, to swimming in the pool, guided tours through the agricultural greenhouse and farm, as well as visits to the wine and rakia (traditional Balkan brandy) cellar.

At “Gramozi” Agrotourism, there is no compromise on quality. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional, flavor-rich menu of the restaurant and the unique wine and rakia from the house cellar.

Anyone is more than welcome to visit this hospitable destination and its impressive surroundings.

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