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The province of fabulous beauty, among the most special in Europe, is located in the northeastern part of the Southern Mountain Province of Albania. The city of Skrapar has historically been inhabited since 600 BC, and this is evidenced by archaeological finds in cave-type dwellings.

Skrapar is the circle of magnificent canyons, as there are two great canyons, natural monuments, among them the Osumi Canyon, the largest in all Albania. It is located in the Area of Çorovoda – Hambull of the Osum valley, is about 13 km long, from 4 to 35 m wide, deep up to 70-80 m, with vertical slopes, behind which Osumi flows.

The extraordinary tourist potentials that the area of Skrapar offers are the canyons of Osumi, Mount Tomorri, Pirogoshi cave, which remain the most frequented attractions by domestic and foreign visitors.

Skrapar and the Canyons of Osumi are identified by each other’s name, thanks to the sport of rafting, which for more than ten years has become a magnet that is attracting many tourists to this province.

Vertical canyons with different shapes, and up to 150 meters in the Area of Çorovoda and eight waterfalls, which make it look like the “Albanian Colorado”, are the place where foreign and local tourists practice the sport of rafting. Rafting is preferred by different age groups.

Another tourist attraction for this area remains the National Park, which is located near Mount Tomorr, rich in vegetation and diverse fauna.

Skrapar has become a favorite destination for over 10 types of activities around it, such as walking and swimming canyon exploration: Ropes downhill in waterfalls, hiking in the castle of Skrapar, exploring the Cave of Pirrogoshi, hiking in the 13 pirogoshi tunnels along with visiting the interesting Kasabashi Bridge, hiking and caravan with mules to the holy mountain of Tomorri, etc.

Even the villages of Skrapar, such as Therepeli, Pristina, Bogova, Blezëncka, Spathara, Kulmaku, are some beautiful attractions of the tradition of the area.

The discovery of the traditions of this city is also a journey through the tastes and aromas typical of this area, where the produce of the earth along with meat, mainly lamb, form the basis of traditional cuisine. The typical dish is roasted meat, as in a good part of Albania, but in this area is the tradition of roasted lamb meat.

Other specialties are chicken, vegetable pan, lacrories etc., sweets, such as baklava and pandispanja, or even pekmez and trahana. And finally we cannot fail to mention the traditional drink of this area, the rakia of Skrapar, part of the tradition inherited over generations, because of the centuries-old craftsmanship of its extraction and processing during the autumn season known in the city of Skrapar as the season of rakia.

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