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Albania has several ports of entry, with Durres, Vlorë, Saranda, Shengjin and Himarë being the main ones. These commercial ports also have a few facilities for visiting yachts. A new marina in Orikum, near Vlorë, offers some facilities for yachts, while more marinas are planned for the two biggest harbors of Durres and Vlorë. Small boats can anchor at various minor ports, including in Durrës (Karpen), Radhimë (Vlorë), Port Palermo, Jal, Bunec, and Ksamil, in the Albanian Riviera. If you have a boat available, we suggest that you visit the entirety of the Albanian coastline for a full and diverse experience of what Albania has to offer. For those who wish to explore Albania by boat, pick among various cruisers that offer tours of Albania’s water attractions. We also recommend to take the ferry to “Koman Lake” to immerse yourself among the vertiginous views offered by the High Mountains of northern Albania. The jaded waters of the lake are surrounded by rugged and verdant towering cliffs, and this peaceful cruise is the perfect opportunity for a few hours of tranquility, or for exploring Albania’s rich wildlife. Birders should look out for pygmy cormorants, herons, and golden eagles.

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