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Sport or Fly Fishing

Fishing takes place on the coast, lakes and rivers. Fishing is a source of income for many inhabitants on the coast. Some of the ideal mountain areas ideal for fishing are: Valbona River valley, Thethi stream, where you can find the marble trout, and the upper valley of Vjosa, etc. Sport fishing with hooks can be done at the mouths of the rivers Vjosë, Seman, Mat, Drin, etc. Another enjoyable activity is also lagoon fishing, especially in the lagoon of Karavasta, Narta, Kune-Vain, etc. #Albania

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Important Information about the Covid-19 situation in Albania

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The Protocol of anti-COVID 19 Measures during the Summer Season

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COVID-19 Announcements and Measures taken by the Diplomatic Represantations

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Measures and Rules - COVID-19
Coronavirus Update

In order to contact the family doctor, or for any other information about Covid19, the Ministry of Health has provided the green line ‪0800 40 40‬ to the citizens.

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