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Sport or Fly Fishing Artisanal fishery encompasses various forms of fishing activities that utilize fixed and selective gear, including hooks, fixed nets, trammel nets, and gill nets. The fishing fleet, consisting of 581 vessels, is concentrated in the four fishing ports of Saranda, Vlora, Durres, Shengjin, as well as in the Valbona River valley, Thethi stream (home to the marble trout), the upper valley of Vjosa, and more. Fishing primarily occurs in five lakes, four of which are expansive cross-border lakes: Shkodra, Ohrid, and the major and minor Prespa lakes. Among these, Shkodra Lake is the largest, and its fishery is managed by the local fishery management organization. The region is rich in diverse fishing opportunities, offering a unique experience for both local and visiting international fishermen.

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