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Hiking & Trekking

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Hiking and Trekking   From the spiky peaks of the Albanian Alps in the north, to the idyllic beaches of the South, interspersed with dozens of lush natural parks and historical villages that have survived through the centuries, Albania is ripe for exploration on foot. In the past years, hiking and trekking have become more popular, and a veritable infrastructure is developing alongside, with hiking maps and the signposting of tracks becoming more common and the emergence of supra-regional and transnational mountain trails. Nevertheless, this is a still-developing side of Albania, so we recommend that new hikers contact an experienced mountain guide or participate in one of several organized tours around the country. Albania also features several ancient routes that are great for walking tours or trekking, including the ancient Via Egnatia that connects the harbor city of Durrës with Istanbul, or the Caesar path into Llogara National Park.

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