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Cycling & Mountain Biking

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Cycling and Mountain Biking For cycling enthusiasts, Albania is rapidly emerging as an excellent destination to immerse yourself in natural beauty and enjoy unique panoramic views. There are various types of tours available, such as the Tour of the Albanian Riviera, UNESCO Sites, Albanian Alps, or leisurely rides around Tirana and other major cities while exploring the surrounding nature. Albania is also proud to be part of the Balkans Trail Transdinarica project. For mountain bike enthusiasts, it's important to note that equipment must be brought along, as it is still not available for rent. Several organized tours are offered in the Albanian Alps, covering destinations like Theth, Boge, Vermosh, and others. Another popular bicycle tour takes you along the shores of Lake Shkodër or explores the surroundings of Tirana. Albania provides a diverse range of cycling experiences, catering to various preferences and interests.

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