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Tropoja, the natural pearl of the North

Tropoja remains the tourist treasure of the Albanian Alps along with the beauty of the Valley of Valbona.

Tropoja is located in northeastern Albania and borders north with Montenegro, south by Hasi District, west with Shkodra District and east with Kosovo.

Tropoja is a typical mountainous area, where the largest area of the district’s surface is occupied by the high, steep mountains. The average height of the District of Tropoja is among the highest in Albania, 1105 m above sea level.

The climate in Tropoja is mountainous in the Alps and continental Mediterranean in the rest, characterized by long and harsh winters and short and fresh summers.

The district of Tropoja is rich in natural waters and has numerous rivers, with clear waters and glacial lakes, which create fascinating valleys with tourist and scientific value. Among all the river Gashi, whose valley has been declared a National Park of the first category and the Valbona River, whose valley is declared a National Natural Park.

It is not often the occasion to see an area as beautiful as Tropoja and its natural wonders; A rich land with inexhaustible resources, with about 200 types of medicinal and aromatic plants and minerals such as the chrome of Rragam, the Valbona bauxites and the quartz of Kerrnaja.

In Tropoja you can find the largest massif of chestnuts, not only in Albania but also in the Balkans, favored by the considerable height above sea level and variation of mountain terrain and alpine pastures.

Tourism is the most promising sector for the future, especially the mountainous one which is developed mainly in the Valbona Valley, but also in many other untapped attractions.

Get to know and enjoy the virtues of generosity, hospitality, natural beauty and authentic gastronomy of Tropoja.


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