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Dibra, natural pearl on the Black Drin River

The province of Dibra lies in northeastern Albania on the border with North Macedonia. Its capital is the city of Peshkopi, on the banks of the Black Drin River. Dibra is located on two sides of the Black Drin valley, bordering to the east by the Korab mountain range and west by the Lura ranges, 185 km away from the capital Tirana.

Near Peshkopi lies the highest mountain of Albania, Mount Korab with an altitude of 2,751 m above sea level, part of Korab – Koritnik National Natural Park, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Albania.

If you have heard of the glacial lakes of Lura, north of Dibra; or thermal spa; All these natural beauties are found in Peshkopi. In the National Park of Lura, you will be enchanted by the fabulous and picturesque landscapes, as well as visit the springs and spas, the numerous forests and especially the lakes, which are the gems of nature, ecotourism, and biodiversity.

The curative and thermal waters lie about two kilometers east of the city of Peshkopi and are one of the most sought-after health attractions. Hydro-rich wealth has helped in the economic development of the district, such as in energy, irrigation, fishing, or industry.

Destinations not to be missed in the province of Dibra are: the banks of the Black River Drin with the valley and the enchanting canyons, fantastic for adventure sports and rafting; Grama Mountain known as the pearl of the tourist crown of Dibra, full of forests and alpine pastures; the village of Kërçisht near the natural balcony of Maqellara together with the cult monuments and the fort of Grezhdan; Stone tourist village of Rabdisht, one of the 100 tourist villages of Albania; The Hinoska Mountain. The agro-tourism park of Begjunec, as well as the museum dedicated to Skanderbeg and the Kastrioti family, and the Museum of Dibra.

In Peshkopi you can experience the warm hospitality intertwined with the amazing nature, mountains, rivers, lakes, fields, monuments of nature and material and spiritual culture, ancient forts, all a miracle created by nature and the hand of man.

The District of Dibra is an important craft, commercial and infrastructure center with tourist attraction potential in every season of the year. You can’t leave Dibra without tasting the famous yufka and sheqerpare, traditional dishes of the province as well as the plum raki.

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