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Located in southwestern Albania, the city of Fier stands as a treasure of culture, history, and natural beauties. With a rich history dating back centuries, Fieri has become a vibrant and dynamic destination that displays the essence of Albania’s cultural heritage.

Fieri is home to a historical treasure, the ancient city of Apolonia, with its well-preserved ruins and archaeological park. The ancient city of Apollonia, located just a few minutes away by car from Fier, is an archaeological marvel, including Bouleuterion, Odeon and the famous Agonothete monument, which offer a window into Albania’s rich history.

As you dive into the natural wonders in Fier you will find a gate to explore the wonders of Albanian nature.

Karavasta Lagoon, located along the stunning Albanian coastline, is a true natural wonder awaiting your discovery. With its pristine waters, rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes, the Karavasta Lagoon is a sanctuary for wildlife and travelers looking for an escape from the urban world. The Karavasta lagoon is not just a destination; It is an experience that renews the soul and reconnects with the wonders of nature.

Fieri is also known for a coastline with beaches like that of Darzeza and Seman. Darzeza and Seman beaches belong to the type of coastline with very thin sand, with great healing values, clean air and virgin nature. This part of the Adriatic is also associated with strong sea waves, offering lovers of Kitesurfing (sliding in the sea waves), windsurfing, as well as other water sports. The coast of Darzeza and Seman are the only ones in the Balkans where the wind creates waves which are favorable for the exercise of these special sports in Albania.

Religious tourism is the oldest type of tourism, practiced since ancient times. Religious communities live in perfect harmony with each other. Of great interest are the objects of the cult that represent architectural value where we would distinguish the church of St Mary of Pojan and the frescoes of the 14th century that are preserved there.

Fieri is not just a destination, it is an experience for you to explore its historic sites, embrace and connect with vibrant nature.


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