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Albania participating in the International Tourism Fair in Pristina

At the third edition of the International Tourism Fair in Pristina, which is becoming a cherished tradition for Kosovo’s capital, Albania showcased its vibrant tourism opportunities. As a Mediterranean nation, Albania boasts stunning coastlines and majestic mountains, offering attractions that set it apart in the Balkan region.
Representing Albania at the fair were the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the National Tourism Agency, along with coastal districts, tourism and hospitality businesses. The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Tourism Vilma Bello, Pristina’s mayor Përparim Rama, and leaders from the Kosovo Tourism Union.
The National Tourism Agency highlighted Albania’s year-round tourist destinations at the fair, inviting visitors from Kosovo and beyond to explore the Adriatic and Ionian coasts, UNESCO sites, and picturesque villages across the country. The agency also introduced the “Albania All Senses” exhibit, showcasing the TEA Application’s recent achievements. The app aims to enhance tourism services and guide travelers to Albania’s stunning attractions, with many attendees downloading it to discover events from the Digital National Calendar.
During the fair, Deputy Minister of Tourism Vilma Bello and National Tourism Agency General Director Zana Çela met with Albania’s Ambassador to Kosovo, Petrit Malaj. They discussed strengthening cooperation to promote Albania and Kosovo as a unified destination.
The fair welcomed participation from tourism associations, hotels, restaurants, wineries, Albanian inns, agrotourism, health tourism companies, and Albanian artisans among 300 exhibitors from 15 European countries and beyond.

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