UNWTO / 70 - Bilateral meetings of the AKT Director with European counterparts - Albania


UNWTO / 70 – Bilateral meetings of the AKT Director with European counterparts

During the sessions of the Meeting of the Commission for Europe of the World Tourism Organization, National Tourism Agency General Director Zana Çela held significant discussions with Alessandra Priante, General Director of Italy’s ENIT. They explored the potential for Albania and Italy to collaborate on creating joint tourism products, with a focus on promoting sustainable and upscale tourism while safeguarding natural and cultural heritage.

Mrs. Priante commended Albania’s progress in tourism, highlighting that the collaboration between our two countries is crucial for success. She also emphasized the importance of cultural tourism in the overall development of the tourism sector.

The General Director of the National Tourism Agency introduced the TEA Application, showcasing its various event categories in the digital calendar. She noted that the Albanian government is committed to promoting Albania’s brand through its cultural heritage and natural beauty.

The Director of ENIT downloaded the TEA Application and pledged to share the digital calendar with her country as well.

Another significant meeting took place with Stefano Dominioni, Executive Secretary of the Extended Partial Agreement of the Council of Europe. He suggested involving the National Tourism Agency in collaboration with European partner agencies in the activities of the Council and expanding their role in promoting certified Cultural Routes.

The Director of the National Tourism Agency expressed strong support for this proposal and highlighted the TEA Application—Digital Calendar of Events featuring Cultural Heritage, Tradition, Sports, and Arts—as a vital tool for promoting Cultural Routes.

Mr. Dominioni familiarized himself with the TEA Application and downloaded it, pledging to share it within the organization he leads and beyond.

The meeting with Tomas Ondrcka, General Director of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Slovakia, centered on the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the two tourism agencies. This agreement aims to strengthen collaboration, provide training in the tourism sector, and foster synergies between tourism associations.

During the meeting with Daniel Solana, General Director of Basque Tour, it was agreed that Basque Tour would share its expertise with the National Tourism Agency. This includes insights into Basque Tour’s intelligent operating model and the establishment of supportive infrastructure for businesses, with the goal of enhancing the quality of services in the tourism industry.


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