Transavia Airlines, two-day tourist trip in Albania accompanied by AKT - Albania


Transavia Airlines, two-day tourist trip in Albania accompanied by AKT

As part of Albania’s international promotion efforts, the National Tourism Agency facilitated a visit by Marcel De Nooijer, the CEO of Transavia Airline, along with tour operators and Dutch journalists, who explored Albania from April 15th to 17th.

Accompanied by Dutch companions and professional archaeologist guide Ols Lafe, the itinerary included a tour of the mesmerizing Belsh lakes in the Dumre area, and a captivating exploration of the UNESCO city of Berat, which retains its enchanting allure even in inclement weather. Highlights of the Berat visit included the Mangalem neighborhood, the “Onufri” Museum, Berat Castle, picturesque cobbled streets, and the renowned “Çobo” Cantina, all within the charming setting of the city’s distinctive architecture with its characteristic “one over one windows.”

In Vlora, the Dutch visitors were warmly received by Mayor Ermal Dredha, expressing his delight at Vlora’s inclusion in the tour. A stroll along the coastline of Vlora’s Zvërnec Island showcased substantial infrastructure investments, while the journey culminated with a visit to the ancient city of Durrës.

Marcel De Nooijer, CEO of Transavia, lauded Albania’s natural and cultural riches, stating, “This week, alongside business partners and tourist media, I had the privilege of experiencing the beauty of Albania firsthand. Transavia is proud to contribute to its economic growth and enhance connectivity between the Netherlands and Albania.”

Mr. De Nooijer expressed gratitude to AKT for their support during the tour, anticipating a surge in Dutch visitors to Albania during the upcoming summer season, drawn by the country’s exceptional hospitality.

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