What to do in Tirana - Albania


What to do in Tirana


Starting the tour from Tirana the capital of Albania, suggested spots for you to get the essence of the city.

1-Et’Hem Bey Mosque, Clock Tower

Your own journey might begin by visiting the museums and the key spots such as Sheshi Skenderbej, where you will be able to see the Mosque of Et’Hem Bey (built between 1798 and 1812) and the 35 m high Kulla e Sahatit (the Clock Tower), built in 1822 with a San Marco style cupola. Next, you can visit the famous Mosaic uncovered on the floor of an old Roman lodge. The monumental Tomb of Kapllan Pasha and the Ura e Tabakeve (a bridge constructed in the beginning of the 19th century, located on Bulevardi Zhan D’Ark).

2-The National Museum

To get to know the history of the Albanians, this is the place to visit. The National History Museum is the most important museum in Albania and contains a well-documented history of the country. The museum is divided into eight pavilions: Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Independence, Iconography, National Liberation Anti-Fascism War, Communist Terror, and Mother Teresa. The Pavilion of Communist Terror hosts images, documents and videos of the persecution suffered by the Albanians during the communist regime.A visit here can take up to three hours, so pace yourself!

3- Bunk’Art2

Phase of a project aiming at preserving the memory of the communist era, built by Enver Hoxha during the communist period, now a museum and tourist attraction. Bunk’Art2 consists of 24 rooms that extend for a total of over 1,000 square meters. Some rooms recreate the ambiance of that period in history, while others house art installations inspired by this era.

4- Tirana Castle

The Castle of Tirana is located in the city center, owned by the Toptani family, one of the richest families in Albania and the Balkans. The “Old Bazaar” of the castle is the newest jewel added in Tirana, where modern and tradition meets together. This area serves as a culinary environment for traditional food, but also as an area of culture and art.

5- “Pazari i ri”

The New Bazaar is a neighborhood in TiranaAlbania. The name of the neighborhood stems from the groceries marketplace, which is situated in the area. It is located east of the central boulevard. Along with Mujos it forms part of the Old Town of Tirana and is one of the oldest areas of the city.

6- “Bllok district”

The former Block known as Blloku is the most famous and expensive area in Tirana. It became frequented by local youth after the fall of communism in Albania because during communism it used to be the area where only the communist elites lived. In Blloku you can still find the residence of the Albania’s communist leader Enver Hoxha. You might not believe it but for the locals Blloku is the most popular and expensive than the city center of Tirana, for that reasons even for all tourists that visit Tirana is a must spot to visit, for the history that has even to enjoy the restaurants and clubs on the area.

7- Sky Tower

It is a place where you can enjoy a drink with a panoramic view, which overlooks the whole city.

8- Pyramid of Tirana

As a symbol of a notorious communism, it resisted some attempts to be destroyed by previous governments.  Today, it is officially known as the Pjeter Arbnori International Cultural Centre and stands out as a remarkable piece of architecture and legacy from communism. You can walk around outside it any time of day or night. You can even climb to the top of it. 

9-Lake of Tirana

The Grand Park of Tirana, or the Park on the Artificial Lake is a 289 hectare public park situated on the southern part of Tirana. It is a beautiful landscape to breath fresh air, to enjoy the cafeterias near the lake, near the lake you can visit even the Botanical Garden of Tirana that contains around 2,000 species of plants and is maintained by horticultural experts and scientists who also use the gardens for study purposes. Near its located even Tirana Zoo Park in this “wildlife” space it be found 30 species and 160 animals.

10-Dajti Mountain

Offers an impressive view with its various activities climbing, hiking, where you can enjoy a visit with cable car that you can enjoy at the top a tasty meal at Ballkoni i Dajtit. Nearby you can find even Bunk’Art1. Museum provides a great journey through the strange and obsessive mind of a dictator. A symbol of political paranoia during the Enver Hoxha rule, this is a ‘must see’ for all people visiting Tirana and who are interested in the history of the country.

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