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Tour to Visit Beautiful Albania Riviera

Ionian Coast Tour 8 Days/ 7 Nights

Rinas Airport – Tirana – Vlora – Sazan Island – Karaburun Island – Vlora – Llogara – Dhermi – Porto Palermo – Saranda – Ksamil – Butrint – Blue Eye – Gjirokaster – Vlora – Rinas Airport

In this itinerary for 8 days and 7 nights where the starting point will be from Tirana the capital of Albania and will continue to the most fascinating areas of Albania, the Albanian Riviera, part of the coast of the Mediterranean Sea that crosses the South of Europe. During this journey we will see the most amazing beaches of Saranda, the islands of Ksamil, as well as the beautiful coast of Vlora, which lies between the Ionian and the Adriatic, as well as the UNESCO monuments of Butrint, Gjirokastra, Ali Pasha’s castle and Blue Eye, natural parks and castles along the Ionian coast. Part of this touristic guide will also be an unforgettable boat trip around Karaburun island, Sazan island, as well as the beautiful island of Zvernec and Narta Lagoon. 

The tour along the Ionian coastline will continue with an impressive road view from the Llogara with a breathtaking horizon. Here begins the beautiful adventure through the blue beaches of Ioni, Palasa, Dhermiu, Jala, Himara, Qeparoi, Borshi, Buneci, Lukova, then Saranda and Ksamili.

Day 1

Coming from Rinas Airport in Tirana city center for 30 minutes by car.

Your own journey might begin by visiting the historical center of Tirana, the National Museum and the key spots such as Sheshi Skenderbej, where you will be able to see the Mosque of Et’Hem Bey (built between 1798 and 1812) and the 35 m high the Clock Tower (Kulla e Sahatit), built in 1822 with a San Marco style cupola. Next, you can visit the Pyramid of Tirana, monumental Tomb of Kapllan Pasha and the Ura e Tabakeve (a bridge constructed in the beginning of the 19th century, located on Bulevardi Zhan DArk. You can spend pleasant moments in the pedestrian area near the Tirana Castle, near is located Bunk’Art2, you can spend the night at “Bllok district” where you can drink at Sky Tower where a pleasant view of Tirana will be in front of you. 

You can spend the night near the hotels in the center of Tirana, while you can dine in the many restaurants located in the center of the capital.

Day 2

From Tirana to Vlora, drive around 2 hours. Then a lunch in one of the restaurants on the coast of Vlora and with the local guides you can spend the afternoon visiting the beautiful bay of Vlora: excursion to the island of Zvernec and the medieval Byzantine monastery of Zvernec, the lagoon of Narta, and more after a guided walk in the center of the city of Vlora, in the Muradie neighborhood, the Independence monument, Ismail Qemali Boulevard and Lungomare. At dinner, accommodation at the hotel in Vlora.

Day 3

During this day a boat trip to the undiscovered bays of the coast and the natural park of Karaburun. The trip starts with sailing to the cave of pirate Haxhi Ali, exploring this bay with small beaches with a fabulous beauty, a walk along the Sazan island and then returning to the hotel in the late afternoon. Evening in the city of Vlora.

Day 4

From Vlora to Saranda through the Llogara road, where the adventure towards the magical Ionian Riviera starts.

A short break in the Natural Park of Llogara, 800 m above sea level, between pine forests and deer. During this adventure by going down through Llogara road, it will appear one of the most beautiful panoramas of Touristic Albania, the coastline with a length of 120 km created with bays of Albanian Riviera, where we will first see Palasa, Dhermi, Himara, the bay and fortress of Porto Palermo, Qeparo, Borshi, Bunec, Lukovo and then Saranda, where accommodation can be in one of the hotels located in the coastline.

Day 5

In the morning you can relax on the seashore, go on a boat trip, tasting the famous mussels of Butrint. In the afternoon, taking a guided tour in the Archaeological and Natural Park of Butrint, a UNESCO heritage site, an ancient city with monuments and ruins of different eras of antiquity. Then return and enjoy dinner at traditional restaurants on the promenade, overnight stay in Saranda.

Day 6

A day near the islands of Ksamil, 6 miles from Corfu, with beautiful beaches that are famous for tourists, nice place with seafood restaurants. You can have dinner near the Castle of Lekures to enjoy even the beautiful view, and overnight stay in Saranda.

Day 7

During the seventh day, travel from Saranda to Gjirokaster, through the Muzina Pass or from the Kardhiq – Delvina tunnel. In the morning visit the Blue Eye. Then the journey continues towards the Gjirokastra the stone city, the characteristic town that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

After accommodation at the hotel and lunch at the traditional restaurants in Qafa e Pazar, you can spend the afternoon visiting the historic center, the beautiful alleys and the Ottoman-style monuments of the Argjiro fortress.

Day 8

The last day of the trip starts with the return from Gjirokastra to Vlora via the road Tepelen – Vlore River, with a stop at the Cold-Water area in Tepelen, meanwhile on the way you can enjoy the views of the villages of Tepelena and Vlora. Then the arrival can be at Vloras Port or continuing the journey to the airport of Tirana.

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