The promotional event for TEA 2.0 - the digital guide of touristic Albania - Albania


The promotional event for TEA 2.0 – the digital guide of touristic Albania

In the premises of the former Dajt Hotel, today Central Headquarters No. 2 of the Bank of Albania, the promotional event of tourist Albania and its digital guide TEA took place, which has already grown and transformed into a digital tourist guide that offers visitors events, cultural heritage destinations, tourist and utilitarian services, presenting Albania tourism in all its dimensions.

TEA 2.0 is not just an improvement, it is a revolution in the way we promote tourism in Albania, said the General Director of AKT during her speech.

“If the Pyramid, a symbol of innovation and technology, was chosen for the presentation of the birth of the TEA Application, the selection of the former Dajt Hotel, one of the emblematic buildings of Tirana, once an icon of tourism in Albania, for the important event of expansion with developments new characteristics of TEA 2.0, symbolizes the commitment to strongly harmonize tradition and innovation, in promoting the development of touristic Albania”, emphasized the General Director of AKT.

She invited all businesses within the tourism industry and banking institutions present to download TEA and become part of this growing community as participation is essential in creating a vibrant and dynamic tourism ecosystem.

Prime Minister Edi Rama said, among other things, that “The TEA application is a mirror to see what happens in reality. And in the reality of tourism development we have included a component that every year becomes more present, the daily cultural and artistic activity as a space that offers tourists and visitors opportunities beyond the beach, sun, sand. This aspect also encourages cultural and artistic creativity to make Albania the “Europe of the Balkans” in the region.

The Minister of Tourism, Mirela Kumbaro, confirmed that “this is a moment of tourism promotion, a digital diplomacy for the presentation of Albania. Tourism is the pleasure economy and TEA is an economic engine where the partnership between the public and private sectors symbolizes a win-win situation”.

For the Minister of Innovation Blendi Gonxhja, TEA is an application that brings to life the expression “all for one and one for all”, reorienting and serving to maximize the cultural agenda, programs and investments towards an inclusive and sustainable tourism.

The Governor of the Bank of Albania, Gent Sejko emphasized in his speech that tourism is the integral path for the country’s development and TEA is an instrument that strengthens the public and private partnership for the economic development of the country.

The event was closed with the invitation addressed to the attendees and all visitors that to feel all the emotions, tastes, sensations of touristic Albania and to be comfortable and safe on your trip, with just one click on your mobile phone, the best guide for it’s you – TEA App.

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