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Summer 2024/ Measures for a safe and guaranteed tourist season

On the eve of the opening of the summer tourist season, the National Conference on Safety in Tourism, “Safe Stay in Albania”, took place with the aim of taking measures to ensure and guarantee quality infrastructure and services to welcome the flow of visitors, who will choose Albania as their holiday destination. During the conference, Prime Minister Edi Rama said that Albania must respond to the increased interest of tourists who choose our country as a vacation destination.

“We must be very attentive and very careful not to let this flow flow freely because I have said it many times before, we do not need an Albania destination for mass tourism. We don’t just need to increase the number of foreign visitors. We need a country that balances all layers and categories of tourists and that manages to formulate an offer where it is not the numbers at first sight that are important, but when it is the quality of the numbers”, the head of the government emphasized, among other things .

During her speech, the Minister of Tourism and Environment Mirela Kumbaro underlined that guaranteeing safety on the coast in the peak months of the summer tourist season is a high responsibility for all state agencies.

Minister Kumbaro stated that 110 marine tour operators and over 600 guides have been certified. “We have certified over 110 maritime tourism operators, and no one will be able to exercise marine and water tourism activities if they are not equipped with the relevant certificate, and this also applies to other water spaces, such as the Pogradec lake, the river of Shala or Koman Lake and the vehicles will be blocked by the State Police if operated without certification in the Ministry of Tourism and Environment. The non-negotiable presence of beach watchers for each station, as well as all orientation signs for vacationers, are not discussed”, stressed Mrs. Kumbaro.

The Minister of Tourism stated that the institution she leads will intensify the monitoring role and in defense of standards in tourism. According to Minister Kumbaro, referring to the statistics of the last three months, and the contracts confirmed by the private sector, the expectations of tourist flows this year will be high. During the conference, other members of the Council of Ministers also spoke.

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