Summer 2024 - Albania of All Tastes and Events under the Guidance of TEA - Albania


Summer 2024 – Albania of All Tastes and Events under the Guidance of TEA

During a presentation of the slogan “Albania All Senses” at the start of the tourist season, the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mirela Kumbaro, stated that this slogan will brand Albania’s image in the promotional program as the country of honor at the world’s largest tourism fair, “ITB Berlin 2025”.

This promotion, in the context of sustainable development, will convey the country’s tourism potential through Albanian nature and hospitality.

Minister Kumbaro emphasized that “Albania All Senses will be a bouquet not only in images, not only with cultural, traditional, and sports events in our cities, from Tirana, the Mediterranean capital of Culture and Dialogue, to Vlora, the city of sports, but it is also, in a way, an invitation for all tastes, senses, and feelings that accompany a tourist, a visitor at the moment they go to a place. Therefore, ‘Albania All Senses’ was the best slogan, which says it all. To achieve this, we need many partners, many collaborators, as in the case of ‘One Albania’, which also has a sustainable business plan. Tourism generated around 4.2 billion euros for the Albanian economy in 2023. This has also awakened the interest of investors and enterprises.”

At this ceremony, which was also attended by the General Director of the National Tourism Agency, Zana Çela, an agreement was signed between the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the company “One Albania” for cooperation in promoting tourism and the new logo of tourist Albania.

The CEO of “One Albania,” Brano Djurovic, stated, “We are all aware of the growth that tourism has experienced in the past year, becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country and one of the most important areas of the economy. Therefore, we are proud to present today a strategic agreement with the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, being aware of the potentials of Albania’s destinations, which, if we join forces, we can achieve even more in promoting tourism activities, communities, and business through technology.”

Together with all the tastes of tourist Albania, the National Calendar of Tourism, Tradition, Arts, and Sports Events through the TEA Application will guide the travels of foreign and domestic tourists with essential events and services added near their preferred vacation destinations.


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