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Tirana Circus was founded in 1952 by a group of well-known Albanian artists: Telat Agolli, Bajram Kurti, Xhuzepina Prendi (Shkurti), Bardhyl Jareci and Abdyl Karakashi. The Big Top is still located next to Boulevard Zogu I, close to the centre of

Metropoli Theatre or Tirana Theatre was founded in 2008. It is part of Cultural Center of Tirana, includes: Theater Metropol, Tirana Folk Ansamble, the City Band, Ten Center, the Agimi Cinema and Lapraka Cinema. The focus of this Center is to offer

The National Theatre is the main theatre in Tirana. It has brought so many emotions and so much pleasure to theatre lovers. The present building dates to 1939. It was initially named the Kosovo Cinema. The theatre was inaugurated on 24th May, 1945,

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