Retro car parade on Saranda's promenade - Albania

Retro car parade on Saranda’s promenade

Retro car parade on Saranda’s promenade


Retro car parade on Saranda’s promenade

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Experience the resurgence of excitement and passion for classic Retro vehicles! On April 24th, the picturesque promenade of Saranda will transform into a haven for vintage cars and motorcycles, igniting nostalgia and admiration among enthusiasts and passersby alike.

As the tourist season approaches, Saranda welcomes the Retro Car Parade, a delightful fusion of motoring history and seaside charm. Against the backdrop of the Ionian Sea, visitors will revel in the sight of meticulously restored classics, each a testament to a bygone era of automotive craftsmanship.

Amidst the gleaming chrome and vibrant colors, a curated selection of “Old School” music sets the mood for a journey back in time. Attendees will have the opportunity to marvel at a diverse array of vintage automobiles, each with its own captivating story and historical significance.

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or simply seeking a unique experience, the Retro Car Parade promises to captivate both the eyes and the soul. Engage with passionate owners, swap travel anecdotes, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of classic motoring culture.

Join us on the sun-drenched stage of Saranda’s promenade for an unforgettable midweek spectacle, where the TEA application suggests a truly magical experience. Don’t miss the chance to step back in time and savor the charm of Saranda amidst a sea of timeless automobiles.

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