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Saranda, the Capital of the Ionian Riviera, Youth, and Sun

Saranda, a coastal city situated on the Ionian Sea in southeastern Albania, is a dream destination for those seeking a vibrant getaway filled with stunning natural beauty, rich history, and warm hospitality.

With over 2000 years of history, enriched with rare cultural and archaeological values from its beginnings, the city has served as a gateway to the ancient city of Finiq and consequently as an entryway to the region.

This rich archaeological heritage, intertwined with natural beauties and its natural harbor, forms the most important basis for promoting the current image of Saranda as a tourism destination.

Saranda boasts the highest number of sunny days in Europe, over 270 days. The area offers local and foreign visitors spectacular views of blue waters. Dolphins are friends of the city, approaching the shores of Saranda, where a Caretta-Caretta turtle was recently seen in Butrint.

At night, the city offers a lively atmosphere with bars, clubs, and cultural events that keep you entertained until the early hours.

This true gem on the Ionian coast is ready to amaze you with its beauty and charm. Saranda is a Mediterranean destination with unique places, picturesque landscapes, and dreamy beaches.

All you need to do is pack your bags and get ready to live and fall in love with Saranda!

Some of our suggestions:

Ksamil Beach – Known as the “Pearl of the Ionian,” Ksamil’s coastline offers a range of options, such as white sandy beaches, hidden coves, and four small, green islands. This bay, surrounded by pristine waters, can be reached by swimming or boating.

Butrint – Described as a “Mediterranean microcosm of history,” Butrint was the first Albanian archaeological site included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1992. This ancient city, founded around the beginning of the 7th century BC, has attracted the attention of historians and travelers for thousands of years.

The Blue Eye – Among the region’s many treasures, the Blue Eye is considered a first-class natural phenomenon. Under the sunlight, the cold water springing from a depth of about 50 meters takes on a deep blue color in the shape of an eye. The spring’s center in deep blue contrasts sharply with the rest, which is green.

Pulëbardha Beach – In a small bay about 10 kilometers from Saranda lies Pulëbardha Beach. The clear waters crashing against the white pebbles of this rocky coast make this beach a perfect place to enjoy the sun and the Mediterranean climate of the country.

The Pllaka Beach – Part of Saranda’s historical memory, protected by the state. Pllaka Beach is located beyond the touristic port of Saranda, in the Kodër neighborhood. With wave-polished rock formations, it offers a comfortable beach experience in natural conditions. The white stones and harmonious combination of the blue sky and Ionian Sea make it a favorite beach among locals and foreign tourists.

The Monastery of 40 Saints – The city of Saranda has an ancient history. The breathtaking panorama of this ancient city and its surroundings can be enjoyed from the hills near the city. One of these magical places is the monastery, from which the city of Saranda is thought to have taken its name.

Lekursi Castle – A treasure of local cultural heritage and more, located atop a hill among the ruins of the village of the same name. The castle has a unique strategic position from where you can view the entire city of Saranda and the road leading to Butrint. You can also enjoy a panorama of the Ksamil Islands.

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