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Korça, The Little Paris of Albania

Korça, the city of beautiful intellectual and artistic traditions, is one of the largest and most important cultural and economic centers of Albania. Located in the southeastern part of the country, this city is known for its typical neighborhoods made up of low-lying houses and cobblestone streets.

Korça is surrounded by a considerable number of hills and mountains, and borders to the east by the Morava Mountain, to the west by the area of Gora, Voskopoja and Vithkuq; South with The Mountain of Qarri and on the north with Mali i Thatë.

The city of Korca was founded in the 5th-6th centuries and is one of the cities of the countries of Southeast Europe, which has been inhabited earlier, based on excavations and the emergence of Illyrian fortifications.

The four seasons of the year have their own beauty for a trip to Korca. The city of Korça in winter offers a wonderful panorama with the snow.

Korça is in interesting destination to be visited in the autumn season, where besides enjoying the beauty of the city and the colors of autumn you will have the opportunity to try the wonderful fruits of the area.

For all those who prefer the mountainous climate, in the hot summer, Korça and its surroundings offer freshness, fresh air and a wonderful nature. Korça throughout the year offers numerous cultural activities, festivals and fairs that revive the city’s life. Many visitors are marked especially on holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Carnival or the beer festival.

One of the most special attractions of Korca is the Old Bazaar, in which the traditions preserved over the years are best reflected as well as the old and modern architecture of this city. There are also beautiful bars, restaurants, and shops in this historic area.

Korça is known for a series of museums, which follow the art and traditions of this city also known as little Paris of Albania and are some of the most visited attractions by local and foreign tourists. Among them is: The National Museum of Education, in the building where the first Albanian school was opened in 1887; National Museum of Medieval Art; Prehistoric Museum, House-museum of renowned painter Vangjush Mio, Museum of Oriental Art “Bratko”, Museum of Photography Gjon Mili, etc.

Çajupi Theatre is the place where you can see concerts or theatrical performances according to the cultural calendar of the season. Besides museums and monuments, Korça is the city where the most beautiful carnivals in Albania are organized, which are organized a few days before Orthodox Passover.

The serenades of love are the characteristic songs, which symbolize Korça as a city of love and beautiful and romantic traditions. There are many taverns in the city with delicious traditional dishes such as different kinds of pie, which are perfectly intertwined with good music and traditional drink, Rakia.

Korça is a very good starting point to discover many tourist spots located in the nearby mountains around the world; Voskopoja, Dardha, Vithkuqi and Boboshtica. These tourist villages are known because they offer the opportunity to practice many sports and outdoor activities. The district of Korca is also known for the beautiful Byzantine churches of Vithkuq and Voskpoje, with frescoes painted on their walls by medieval Albanian painters.

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