Himara - Albania

The rocky coast of Southern Albania is dotted with picturesque villages that are home to some 28,000 people. Visitors have their pick from several spots, including Palasë, Dhërmi, Ilias, Vuno, Himarë, Pilur, Kudhes, Qeparo, Borsh, Piqeras, Sasaj, Lukove, Coraj, Kuc, Kallarat, Bolene and Vranisht. Although for those searching for something less secluded, but not as chaotic as a major city, look no further than the town of Himara.

Himarë sports a seaside promenade, plentiful Greek-style tavernas, and like the rest of the area, its old town, built on a hill, bears the marks of a rich history. The old town, Kastro, is organized on and around the old castle and the coastal region of Spilea, the touristic and economic center of the region. North of Himarë, visitors can discover the rocky villages of Vuno, Ilias, Dhërmi, and Palasë. Dhermi, has become a popular destination among foreign and local tourists, thanks to the booming number of beach resorts.

There is also the option of visiting the various churches located inside the castle of Himarë—that was initially constructed during classical antiquity—like the Church of Virgin Mary, or Episkopi that was built on the site of an ancient temple dedicated to the god Apollo, as well as the Aghioi Pantes church, easily accessible as it is located at the entrance of the castle.

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