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Typical Crafts

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You cannot leave Albania without taking a souvenir from this country, that is so full with traditions and Artisans.

Typical Albanian products stand as examples of the traditions of Albanian people, which is expressed and maintained from generation to generation.

These craft works are applied in different materials such as wool, wood, copper, silver, etc. Since ancient times, artistic craftworks were important components of the Albanian culture. The traditional wool clothes, shajaku (pressed wool craft used in different parts of Albania), and elegant fabric clothes (used especially for festive events) show this heritage with its stylish art too, whose embroidery of various gold and silver threads are unique. Differing types of filigree can be found, some of it made with copper and some with gold. Other types of jewelry are available alongside wood engravings and weaponry decorated with gold and silver, applied over the centuries. All of these different items come together to help shape the cultural heritage of Albania. The old market of Kruja is famous for the classic souvenirs that can be found there, including wool products, carpets, different styles of fez, wooden pipes, old copper products, filigrees etc. Besides Kruja, tourists and visitors are invited to visit all the other cultural center of Albania such as Berat, Gjirokastra, Tirana,  Shkodra and Korca where they will be able to feel the history and appreciate souvenirs of this wonderful tradition, which are the real expression of our ancient origins.

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