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The Local Museum House Studio Kadare is located in the apartment where renowned writer Ismail Kadare lived from 1974 - 1989. This apartment was not only Kadare's residence but also his workplace (his studio) and as such it represents a entry point to the postwar culture auditorium. Studio Kadare House will continue to initiate visitors to literary thinking, showing how the writer's work changes in meeting his readers at different times and locations. Situated on the third floor of the palace designed by the architect Max Velo in 1972, otherwise known as the "Cubist Flat" because it represented in itself the aspiration of Albanian architecture during the socialist period to keep up with the times, the main role of the museum is to attract a comprehensive audience and present to local and foreign visitors the values of Kadare's works and the extraordinary work he has achieved in his lifetime. Inside the apartment, the exhibition is clearly divided between the studio area with original documents, objects, books and furniture, and the rest of the apartment where knowledge of the author's work is obtained. The Kadare Studio House will also promote a deeper understanding of Albanian history during the dictatorship of national and international audiences. Opening Hours: May 1st-October 15th Tuesday to Saturday 09:00 to 19:00; Sunday: 10am - 5pm October 15 - 1pm Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 5pm; Sunday: 10am - 3pm Monday: break For the tourist season (May-October) the museum stays open during the official holidays. Tickets  1) Individual ticket - 500 lek 2) Group ticket (over 10 persons) - 300 ALL 3) Family ticket (two or more persons) - 250 lek 4) Reduced ticket (pensioners, veterans, working and war invalids, former politically persecuted) - 100 lek 5) Student ticket - 80 lek

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