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Natural Science Museum

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The Natural Science Museum, where nature touches reality, is the only one of its kind in our country. Established in 1948, with a history of exemplars since 1900, it represents a rare national wealth with scientific and cultural values. Just by visiting its 7 varied pavilions, you can sleep in a short time with animals and plants. Here you will find the work, effort and love for the nature of the best Egyptian specialists who patiently year after year have managed to collect and exhibit over 3000 local and foreign exponents and thousands of representatives in the diversified scientific fund. Pavilions are set in such a way as to show the direction of the evolution of the living world. In our exponents you will find a variety of land, marine, river, river, swan waters, cascades, from stunningly intricate coral reefs, immobile and immobile; clams of various species up to the shells of the Indian Ocean; insects with stunning looks and colors, fish of various types; amphibians and reptiles impressive from snakes to big sea turtles; a wonderful bird, where the turquoise pelican remains undoubtedly unique; mammals with magnificent views from African monkeys to the forests of the forests and whales of the seas. Throughout your visit, we will accompany you the best specialists of the Universe for plants and animals, who will not only tell you everything about the living world but will extinguish your curiosity by showing you many mysteries and lions from animals and the nature that surrounds us. The Museum, based on this diversity, represents a scientific, educational, educational, cultural complex, and the only center of study of Biodiversity and the Albanian Environment. You will have the opportunity to look closely at the endangered and threatened species of Albania. Opening Hours Monday To Sunday 9 am - 4 pm  

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