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The 10 most beautiful Ionian coast beaches in Albania

With 107 miles of coastline, the Ionian coast has no shortage of beautiful beaches. With deep crystal waters and captivating views here is a guide to the most beautiful part of Albania’s Riviera.

1. Dhraleos beach (Palase)

When speaking about beautiful beaches, Dhraleos beach is one of the most exotic and tranquil beaches of the Albanian coastal zone complete with rich blue waters. This beach is popular for water sports. In addition, it is the destination for the parachutes that launch from Llogara Pass. A fun fact about Dhraleos is that Julius Cesar actually landed on this beach with his troops.

2. Ksamil

Not in vain Ksamil is called the pearl of the Southern Albanian Riviera. Its four marvelous islands remain covered in lush and green vegetation which makes you feel a part of the nature. What makes it more mesmerizing is the clear water that surrounds these islands which also makes their beaches more special.

3. Kroreza beach

The Kroreza beach is definitely one of the most unique virgin beaches of the Ionian coast. Reached only by boat or hiking, the tenderness of the nature, the untouched stretch of the white sandy beach and the crystal clear water, combine together to make your stay memorable.

4. Jale beach

Near Himara, in Vuno you will find the most dynamic beach of the Ionian coastline. It is a very popular destination especially for the youth because of its camp sites and summer music festivals.

5. Livadhi beach

Livadhi beach with its deep blue waters and the endless fields of olive trees, is one of the largest beaches of the region and it is mostly visited by campers and families for its peace and quiet.

6. Perivolo beach

Perivolo beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Drymades. It is surrounded by large rocks that create small and wondrous bays.

7. Alevra beach

At the southern end of Dhermi you will find one of the most special beaches of the Ionian coast. Unique water colors, clarity of turquoise deep blue and burning orange sunset over the sea create an amazing show before which everyone should surrender. Alevra beach is definitely one of the must see if you are traveling the Ioanian coast.

8. Potami beach

If you are traveling in Himara you should definitely visit Potami beach. It stands out for its deep waters, navigability and also rocky characteristics. The water here is colder due to the fact of underwater springs that flow all year long.

9. Borsh

Borsh, is one of the longer beach areas of the Albanian Riviera. It is protected by a collection of massive Mediterranean vegetation, primarily citrus and olive plantations. Family tourism has also become very popular in this area.

10. Bunec

The last relatively unspoiled beach of the Albanian southern Riviera is Bunec. A stream that runs down from the mountain divides this rocky beach in two halves. In this charming and peaceful place you can enjoy incredible sunsets.

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