Euridita , Metropol Theatre , Piramida


The Metropol Theater introduces "EURIDITA" by Sara Ruhl.

From October 12, 19:00, at PIRAMIDA.

In this show, the classic story of Orpheus's myth is retrieved through the eyes of his love, the Eurydice. To die so young, on the wedding day, the Euridist has to travel to the underworld where he is retired with her father and eager to remember the lost love. With contemporary characters, constant inner, outward, and aesthetic visual conflicts that breathe, this show recalls a new look for this never-ending love story.

Directed by: Jonida Beqo

Interpret: Armela Demaj, Niko Kanxheri, Amri Hasanlliu, Ermir Jonka, Jonida Beqo, Klesta Shero, Edvin Mustafa, Klea Konomi