Double Feature #7

Exhibition Tirana Art Lab

Tirana Art Lab with Double Feature # 7 brings together the work of Albanian artist Donika China and artist Hanna Hildebrand, born in Italy.The exhibition is conceived according to the practices of two artists, aimed at researching and obtaining cognitive processes through personal experiences in the societies where they live and meeting with others. What distinguishes artists' practices and at the same time brings them together is the focus on the process, whether as recognition, as an understanding, exchange or creative process.So their purpose consists of simultaneous decoding of the process in shape as they experience it. Visual appearance and the aesthetic regime is in this way the reality in which they are involved, intervene, act and mediate with their affairs.Aware of the superiority of form, appearance and aesthetics with their work instead of legitimizing them, they constantly challenge them by questioning them. Clearly from their statuses and jobs, both China and Hildebrand try to avoid set specifications, classifications, and explanations.Paradoxically, their jobs are transformed into places of perpetual understanding and almost impossible to colonize or capitalize on power structures. (Adela Demetja)