The "Argjiro Fest" festival is a testimony to the efforts of professional specialists and folklorists and passionate trackers dedicated to discovering, interpreting, preserving and following from one generation to another in finding new creations of different genres: legendary, lyric and epic heroic. The challenge of this festival is that in essence lies the development of traditional culture and preservation of originality, the Albanian folk essence and the use of these traditional cultural artistic values ​​for the development of cultural tourism, so why not say has not yet found the appropriate form, despite having good spontaneous and lucrative initiatives.

The festival was a testament to a new folklore reality, as the birth and the creation of dozens of dozen or "folkloric ensembles" belonging to the various provinces of the country, or even within a region or city, has such folkloric ensembles. Some of them have agreements and exchange concerts with folk groups of other countries, mainly of the Balkans, but also outside of it. In the festival stage, the values ​​of their regions were revealed by competing groups from 12 regions of Albania, 3 groups from Kosovo, 2 groups from Macedonia and one from Montenegro.

This year this festival will be held in the beautiful city of Gjirokastra, from October 6 to October 9, 2017. The big opening will take place on 6 October at 17:00.