Wine Festival

Kantina Cobo in Berat

Wine Festival

Kantina Cobo in Berat

Join us at the Wine Festival in Berat on September 16th. This is a fun weekend, suitable as a spontaneous and romantic couple break or a personal break to be regenerated. This weekend will be the Cannery Canteen's summer celebration, outdoor hiking, museum visits and historic parts of Berat and certainly local food tasting. Each day we will discover together a different experience of Berat, the gurgling, the more carefully made glycos or the gorges of Mangalem. Treat yourself to an intriguing experience between the taste of wine, sweet taste, relaxation and time and space travel over the city of Berat.

Weekend specials

• Visit to the Ethnographic Museum and the Medieval Center

• Enjoy the Gliko

• Traditional lunch

• Summer Festival: wine tasting, cheese, typical Olives and local Berat products at Kantina Cobo

Weekend program


This weekend is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the entertainment during the Berat Summer Festival combined with the taste of local products and Berat's glikovo. Below is described in detail the weekend program, however remember that changes may occur in the program.

Day 1

Time 10.00: Arrival in Berat and accommodation at the hotel

10.30 am: Visit of the Ethnographic Museum and the Medieval Center

Time 12.30: Lunch at Castle Park with traditional dishes

19.00 clock: Cantina Çobo - Berat wine festival

• Wine tasting accompanied with cheese, Berat's typical olive, local produce and music

Day 2

9.30 hours: Breakfast

Now 10:00

• Visit to the Gorica and Mangalem neighborhoods

• Visit a gurgling lodge in a Mangalem home and enjoy gliko

Time 13:00: Local lunch

This program costs 80 Eur / person including all the above. Info:; Tel: 0672006623

Places are limited