Shkelzen Doli Concert

Albanian Soul , Skanderbeg Square


The world-famous Albanian violinist Shkëlzen Doli, a member of the Vienna Philharmonic, is the creator and artistic leader of the project "Shkëlzen Doli - Albanian Soul". An all-Albanian giant art event that is expected to return to the annual tradition in Tirana, but also in cities inside and outside of Albania. The base of this mega show will be Albanian music, but the program will also have selected pieces from world class music.

Shkëlzen Doli for several years in his concerts everywhere in the world that he has developed has included Albanian music pieces in the Albanian music program, making the largest promotion of Albanian autochthonous music everywhere in the world.

Event Tickets "Shkëlzen Doli - Albanian Soul" for sale in SPORTELET IN TIRANA DATE 30 GUSH 2017 AT 18:30


At Union Travel, Rrina Mine Peza in Tirana (300m distance from Skanderbeg Square)

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