Mural Fest

When Walls Speak From June 1 to June 8 in Tirana comes Mural Fest 2 under the logo "When the walls speak".Thanks to the synergy between Dekor Tirana and the 167B / street art lab in Lecce, Italy, 18 mural artists from around the world will bring color creativity to a completely unique experience.The echo of "MurAL Fest 1" has made this time to apply many more artists, with the desire to leave their footsteps on the walls of Tirana - a metropolis that is changing from day to day.In this second edition the artists' map is much wider. They come from Italy, Argentina, Spain, Poland, Romania, Greece, England, USA. This urban art festival, selecting a variety of visual style through visual language, is configured not only as a cultural event, but also as a social interaction between artists and residents of the capital.The ultimate goal: To give continuity to images that express human and social values, and respecting the multicultural identity to give "voice" to this artistic development that has the protagonist the capital.A special thanks go to those who supported this festival:Directorate of Workers No. 3 - Municipality of Tirana, Italian Institute of Culture, French Embassy of Tirana and Romanian Embassy.Artists who paint live, music and drinks for everyone! Do not miss it!