Art Screen (Ekrani i Artit)

Migjeni Theatre , Art House , Arka Youth Center

Art House is pleased to invite you to the opening of the "Art Screen" at the Migjeni Theater, which celebrates the 70th anniversary of its foundation this year.

This year's program brings together several contributors: film festivals, museums, curators and artists. The first night will bring a selection of them by concluding with feature-length film by the Pleurad Xhafa artist.

The evening will continue in the yard of the Arka Youth Center with musician Kolë Laca and his project "Shkodra Elektronike".

He has collaborated with many important Italian music names like Roy Paci and Mezzosangue.

"Electronic Shkodra" is a journey into (re) discovery of folk music in Shkodra, elaborated according to electronic music. It is a repertoire that is part of the kind of music that in Shkodra is called Aheng. The Ahengu repertoire consists of songs that have been composed from 1800s to 1950s and 60s. It is a tradition that was born and developed as a result of the assimilation of various influences: ranging from Turkish influences to northern Albania's mountain songs, from the Republic of Venice to the Roma tradition.

In "Electronic Shkodra" these many influences are added to the electronic one. It is a commitment that seeks to bring the ancient tradition into the contemporary dimension.