Carnavals of Korça

“Karnevalet e Korçës” (Korça’s Carnival) is more than just vibrant parades and exciting music rhythms, it’s actually a city’s ingenious method to carry on its traditions and culture, and a beautiful process of reinventing itself, after a communist era which banned most of its attempts of expression and evolution.

Korça is well known for its colored carnivals, the traditional serenades and delicious food, as well as for its own beer factory – Birra Korça.

The Carnival attracts thousands of visitors each year, becoming both a local pride, as well as an interesting opportunity for foreign tourists to deepen and enjoy the distinguished Albanian culture.

A colored series of carnivals are taking place here every year including: Pie Fest (July), a very popular event in town, inspired by Korça’s traditional pie – the Lakror; Beer Fest, taking place in August; Korça’s Carnival on June 2nd, The International Sympozium; The Carnaval before Easter and many other fairs, which give the city a special identity and particular value.

Organized by the city of Korça together with several artistic and cultural institutions, the Carnival is meant to revive the city’s long-lasting customs, to cultivate new values and to preserve the old ones. The event, all dressed-up in music, color and folklore, will return this year to enliven Korça’s old cobblestone streets.

Musicians, actors, traditional dancers, clowns, acrobats and people wearing masks, along with fairy-tale characters and young soldiers, will fill the center of Korça creating an amazing atmosphere of joy and celebration.