Butrinti 2000

The 15 International Festival of Theatre

This week from the 13th to 20th July at the the stage of Butrint Ancient Theater begins the 15 International festival of Butrinti  2000

with a special support from the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship and the National Tourism Agency, one more reason to visit Butrint Archaeological and National Park these summer days!

The International Festival of Theatre “BUTRINTI 2000”

“A Balkan dream”, an old-age wish and dilemma toward understanding, peace, cooperation, integration and human freedom of a Peninsula filled with commotions, legends and myths. Such historical, ethical and aesthetic synthesis became a reality through the International Festival of Theatre “Butrinti 2000”, which welcomed in its betrothal bosom the human gaiety, dolor and responses against the compelling run of the history. The “Butrinti 2000” International Festival of the Theatre shows up as a symbol of cultures’ confrontations and freedom of artistic creations. It is an open arena of the great masters of dramaturgy, who are brought to live through bearers of a contemporary reality. Taking into consideration primarily the antique, medieval and classical repertoire, the festival takes the shape of a return back to the origins, toward the old-age temples: the theatre. As a whole, the Festival establishes the premises of an aesthetic perception, both as much of mussel as modern one, of a Region which beseeches to shape up its identity and integrity. This is the spirit of the “Butrinti 2000” International Festival of the Theatre, where everything already designed starts from the unbinding ties of the personal ethics with the social one, where coherence takes its basic priority.

This is the most important cultural event for Albania. The festival is not simply an international festival of antique or classical theatre. It is a contemporary exploration of the theatrical possibilities of this ancient site. It promises discoveries about the origins of theatre, about the power of myth and poses questions about the meaning of theatre in our contemporary world. There is an extraordinary mixture of international theatre practitioners, figures from the Albanian cultural elite and local people, which perhaps are seeing theatre for the first time. All this elements make this festival stimulating and productive.This event has already taken the integration passport, opening so a precious view to all the Albanian artists, by being in contact with the contemporary world theatre, also providing a direct help in the promotion of the cultural tourism.

Within this activity with unique values for the country and the artistic community, will be organized other activities as: The competition and the picture show; Concerts and folk music, At the same time, an important place shall take the debate tables on the Theatre issue, Cultural Tourism, Marketing and the real possibilities for the contacts among The International Festival of  Theatre “Butrinti 2000” with other European festivals. Being in the touristic season, there will be many foreign tourists.

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