Music - Film Festival Tirana

The film and music festival will be held every evening from November 13 until September 20, 2018 in Novi Pazar in Tirana.

The mission of this cultural festival, film, music and culinary is to provide a wider access to the visual arts, interpretation, involving a massive public and so create social cohesion. The festival aims to involve participants simultaneously all the senses to obtain so an unforgettable experience. Activities will be offered for free in a unique environment, open and free as Novi Pazar. 
The film and music festival takes into consideration the format of Film Music Festival which takes place in Vienna from 1991 in the Austrian capital Square Wiener Rathausplatz. Vienna Festival has transcended the borders of Austria to be put in Budapest, Bucharest, New York, Tokyo, Yekaterinburg and already its proposed format and Tirana.
The artistic program of the film festival comes as a combination of Austrian and Albanian movies, the combination of those classical music of the Vienna Philharmonic, and to Parov Stellar Falko. Further musical films like Concert in 1936, Blerta's engagement to some variety and comedy material as Carnival Ismail Zhabjaku. Innovation will be and a series of short documentaries like Sounds of Fire Ardian Murraj, 15-year-old poet from Halil Kamberi, dancing the Eagles by Endri Keko and "The 11th Festival of Song" by Donika Muci, which are material very little known to the public.

Another interesting element that can be considered as the novelty of the festival will be gastronomy. essentially Festival will be cultural and high culinary standard by embracing the concept of "Street food gourmet". Participants will be able to enjoy a gourmet dinner, a lunch break in an interesting and stimulating environment, accompanied by a cultural activity, visual and musical. Each day will be a great gastronomic feast with a wide range of international flavors.