Together in Luxheria

Traditional Festivities at Dhoksat , Gjirokastra

The project "Celebrate together on the sofa lunxhot" has been proposed by three partner organizations of the civil society, respectively Foundation: Regional Center "New Media Eye", Association "Lunxhëria", in cooperation with public institutions and respectively the Municipality of Gjirokastra and Council of The County of Gjirokaster as well as the various tourist and economic operators of the Municipality of Gjirokastra.
Given that one of the most significant activities of the Lunxhry area is the "Divani Lunxhot" Festival, organized in Dhoksat, one of the 100 villages selected as a tourist destination. Likewise, since this festival is attended by groups from some parts of the country and invited by Kosovo and Greece, and the period in which this festival is held coincides with the return of emigrants, but also the numerous tourists visiting it, it is supposed that the promotion of the proposed activities will be carried out precisely during this period.
The range of proposed activities such as the province's craft / handicraft fair, Lunxhëria's well-known cookery, photo exhibition "A ride to Lunxheri" enrich and make the lunxhot environment attractive and appealing. The revival and refinement of the local traditions by encouraging young people to be part of this activity will spark a new hope for the area and its people who have already realized that the development of these traditions and handicrafts is a value added, but also a safe source of income for their households in the future. The proposed activities will mostly aim at involving young people and young people, marginalized groups belonging to different social, religious or various ethnic groups who can engage in various project activities and be beneficiaries of direct to him.