World Youth Skills Conference

Open Theatre of Tirana , Lake Park

Are you ready for the most prestigious summer event? 
“World Youth Skills Conference” comes to you on July 16th. An international event which is finally organised in Tirana as well, in one of the most beautiful places: "Amfiteatri i Tiranës", in cooperation with Tirana Parks and Recreation Agency - Municipality of Tirana. This events brings together students from all over the world with the main purpose to give them the possibility to share their experiences and talents. Give yourself the chance to get to know them and get in touch with different cultures!
There are going to be proactive and funny activities, special guests and so many surprises that should not be missed!
If you are a young person and you have an inspiring story of success that you want to share with us, apply and people from all the world will hear your story, as well as you will hear theirs. . 
Join our company and enjoy one of the greatest summer events! Give yourself the chance to share your talent and what you can do best! 
All delegates in this conference will be awarded with certificates of participation.

Apply on the link below: