The Cloud Festival

The Cloud Festival or "Cloud Fest" will take place on the occasion of Fujimoto's "The Cloud"  anniversary in Tirana. The festival, which will be held for one week, from May 20 to May 27, focuses specifically on Performance Art.

This is the first festival in Tirana that focuses mainly on performing arts and brings a wide variety of artists, nationalities, forms, genres and products. In collaboration with invited artists, we have created a vibrant and inspirational program based on existing and original works. Local and international artists are encouraged to take The Cloud as a structure and poetic dimension to begin the process of creating creative work or adapting their work on the occasion of Cloud Fest 2017.

The Cloud and its garden will be spaces for physical theater, audio-visual installations, workshops, conversations with artists, dance courses, urban games run by artists in the future. Over all the days and nights of the festival we will find the best mix of multicultural and intercultural, between contemporary and traditional art practices.

Understanding both from the public and the artists to appreciate the fact that The Cloud is first of all an artwork in itself, rather than a fair space of performances, that makes artistic interventions always create beautiful surprises and new experiences for the public as well as for artists.

The mission of the Cloud is to cultivate and raise an audience by constantly inspiring and expanding it towards new forms of expression and artistic experiences. We are proud of the support and promotion we make to the initiatives that we share a common vision and which have in their focus the creation of opportunities for wider public participation.