South Outdoor Festival 2018


Looking for your next adventure?

South Outdoor Festival is a celebration of everything that can be enjoyed outdoors: jeep-safari, mountain biking, adventure pursuits, exploration, camping, traditional cuisine, hiking, climbing, diving, music and drinks.

#SOF2018 will take place in Vuno, Himare, on the last weekend of April, 27th -28th -29th , 2018.

This is your chance to explore one of the most unique southern coastal villages of Albania, Vuno, from the perspective of the enriched architecture, urban setting, culture heritage, history and other attractions.
A series of activities will take place in other villages of Himara Municipality; events that will highlight the strong connection between the sea and the mountains in the hinterland. 
Some of the villages that you will discover during this festival are Pilur, Kuc, Kudhes, Corraj, Borsh and Qeparo, where you can explore their beauty and mysteries. 

Do not forget about beach activities (kayak, stand up paddle, diving, beach volley) in the amazing bays of Jali and Gjipe!

You can also choose to relax and soak up stories around the campfire, in the entertainment tents in the vibrant heart of the festival hub.
Live music, iso-polyphony (the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage), will be present during the whole festival.

The villagers, as hosts, will cook using their organic products and prepare traditional dishes of South Albania.

A fair of local products will offer the chance not only to see, taste and appreciate, but also buy this products.

For all those that would like to take with them their kids, please do so, a lots of activities are foreseen even for the kids.

South Outdoor Festival is becoming a tradition, intending to promote different villages/experiences every year!