Spring Day

Great Park of Tirana

"When the winter is melting, when the smiling wine, thin and tall, as in Boticelli painting approaches, the human heart is discharged from a bar, enjoys a quiet, sweet happiness. In this joy, our forefathers felt a duty to forgive the gods that brought these goodnesses. And so you celebrate the festive feast that they call the Summer Day ... ". According to the writer, Faik Konica, it is about an old celebration of our race. "They do not harm man, they bring pure joy to the house. Summer Day has a poetic taste, thin and rare ... ", writes Konica. Are You Ready for Summer 2018 ?! Games, entertainment, carnivals, concerts, sports, face painting and other activities for children and adults. We are waiting for you on March 14, 9:00 am at the Great Lake Park.